Out my bedroom window

June 24, 2010

An amazing thing is happening in the fields around here in the last several days. Since before I came a week ago, these fields out my room window were full of long plastic covered bamboo green houses with melons growing in them. (This area is known for their melons.) In just a few days the melons were harvested and the greenhouses dismantled (the sweetest watermelon I can remember!). For the past several mornings starting at dawn, people have been in the fields, preparing to flood the fields to plant rice. They are now fields of calf deep mud.

The factory kitchen where we (all 14 or so) eat lunch and dinner.

In the kitchen

July 5, 2010

Our cook shops and hauls in all the food for 15 or more hungry people for lunch and dinner, 5 days a week! Most of the people in this small company have homes far away but live here now during the week. The food is great, 4-6 different dishes of local fresh food every meal. We all eat together around this table and in the kitchen. (This photo was taken in April when it was cold and there were half as many people to feed.) On the weekends we're on our own cooking at the main house.

Meal Time

Meal time is always exciting. Great food and good energy all around. Everyone eats really fast. The cook prepares lunch and dinner for everyone in the workshop. Simple and fabulous dishes. She talks loudly and sounds angry but has a smile on her face! Every time I ask Wallace what she said he says "she's joking." On the weekend when she is not here, one of the team cooks. Mr. Mao is a great cook and he prepared the weekend meals.

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